2019-01 January – Minutes

Minutes Uploaded on March 16, 2021

Matfen Parish Council
Ward 1 – Fenwick, Ingoe, Ryal. Ward 2 – Matfen
Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held in Matfen Village Hall on Tuesday 29th January 2019 at 7.00pm.
Present: Stuart Mills (Chairman), Mr Keith Irving (Vice Chairman), Mr Frank Robson, Mrs Ann Gregory-Smith, Hugh Murphy & Mr Chris Austin
0910. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE. Jo Bramley (Clerk), Veronica Jones (County Councillor)
0912. MINUTES OF THE MEETING HELD ON 25th September 2018. It was proposed by Mr S Mills, seconded by Mr K Irving and AGREED to accept the minutes as an accurate record. Unfortunately, the November meeting had been cancelled at the last minute.
a) ACCOUNTS FOR PAYMENT. It was proposed by Mrs A Gregory-Smith, seconded by Mr S Mills and AGREED accounts on the list attached be paid.

  • Mrs L Paterson – Public Toilet Cleaning £37.50 Cheque number 100985
  • PKF Littlejohn LLP – Audit Fee £48.00 (VAT £8.00) Cheque number 100986
  • Miss J M Bramley – Clerical services £330.96 Cheque number 100987
  • H M Revenue and Customs – PAYE £72.00 Cheque number 100988
  • Mrs L Paterson – Public toilet cleaning £162.50 Cheque number 101017
  • Matfen Village Hall – rent £10.00 Cheque number 101018
  • Northumberland County Council – Additional grass cutting £345.68 (VAT £57.61) Cheque number 101019
  • Mrs L Paterson – Public toilet cleaning – £112.50 Cheque number 101020
  • Miss J M Bramley – Clerical Services – £336.36 Cheque number 101021
  • H M Revenue and Customs – PAYE – £67.60 Cheque number 101022


Barclays Bank Account Interest £3.53

b) PRECEPT 2019-20. Draft Budget approved. Precept to remain at £10500.

0914. CORRESPONDENCE. All correspondence received since the September 2018 meeting had been listed on the agenda and circulated to all councillors.
0915. CHANGES TO REFUSE COLLECTION ROUTES. Northumberland County Council has revised its refuse collection routes to ensure this service is delivered in the most cost effective and efficient way. It was noted that there would be no change in Matfen.
0916. COUNCIL TAX BASE 2019-2020. Northumberland County Council are unable to advise of the definitive council tax base until late January. It was noted that the Parish Council needs to submit their precept request by 25 January 2019.
0917. RECOVERY OF COSTS FOR PROVISION OF TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT AND OTHER SERVICES TO EVENT ORGANISERS. Northumberland County Council is proposing to recover the costs incurred by the County Council when requested to provide services such as traffic management, litter picking and refuse collection by organisations running events in the county. This will apply to all events with the exception of Remembrance Day Parades and Armed Forces Parades with effect from 1 April 2019.
0920. APPOINTMENT OF CLERK. As Jo Bramley had now left, Mandy Senior had AGREED to carry out the duties of clerk in the interim until a permanent clerk could be appointed. Mandy was the clerk from 2009 to 2016 so will be able to pick up what needs to be done.
0921. DATE OF NEXT MEETING. The next meeting is to be held on Tuesday 26th March 2019 at 7.00pm in the Village Hall.